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Walking Your Cat

January 15, 2024

January is Walk Your Dog Month. It’s also Train Your Dog Month and Unchain A Dog Month. Why should Fido have all the fun? While many of our feline friends certainly want nothing to do with being walked on a leash, some cats actually quite enjoy it. A local Troutville, VA vet goes over some of the ins and outs of walking Fluffy in this article. Is It A Good Idea To Walk Your Cat? … Read More »

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2024 Resolutions For Cats

January 01, 2024

Happy New Year! As we turn our calendars forward to 2024, many people are thinking about the things they want to accomplish in the coming months. As it turns out, our furry friends have their own checklist for the year. In this article, a local Troutville, VA veterinarian discusses a few things Fluffy may want to accomplish in the next 12 months.   Sleep More   We may never know why cats are so tired. … Read More »

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How To Catproof Your Tree

December 15, 2023

Season’s Greetings! One of the many things we love about this time of year is seeing all of the beautiful decorations around town. We also love getting cards and photos from our clients. We never get tired of seeing adorable pictures of our furry patients! Fido and Fluffy always look super cute in front of the tree. Of course, we also get our fair share of photos of cats looking adorably proud of themselves after … Read More »

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5 Ways To Keep Your Kitten Safe

September 15, 2023

Have you recently adopted a kitten? You’ve just welcomed an adorable, furry, meowing bundle of chaos into your home. Little Fluffy will be a pretty easy keeper once she’s all grown up, but she can be a bit of a handful during that super-cute toddler stage. Read on as a local Roanoke, VA vet lists some things you can do to keep your little buddy safe. Petproofing First things first. You’ll need to do some … Read More »

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Keeping Kitty Hydrated

July 01, 2023

July is Pet Hydration Awareness Month! Summer can be a dangerous time for our feline pals. Fluffy has a fur coat on, and she really isn’t equipped to deal with heat. Cats can’t cool themselves down by sweating, as we can, and panting isn’t very helpful for them. One of the most important things you can do for your furry little pal is make sure that she is staying properly hydrated. A local Troutville, VA … Read More »

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Fun Facts About Tuxies

February 01, 2023

Is your feline buddy sporting formal wear? We love tuxies! These elegant, fashion-forward kitties are super cute and lovable. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some fun facts about Fluffy below. A Kitty By Any Other Name …  Only America’s black-and-white kitties are known as tuxies. The rest of the world calls them bi-color cats or magpie cats. Fluffy was also referred to as a Jellicle in T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats, a … Read More »

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Fluffy’s Goals For 2023

January 01, 2023
Cat looking up and to the left

Happy New Year, Everyone! 2023 is officially in the rearview, and we’re forging ahead into 2023. The start of a new year is a traditional time for people to pause, take stock of things, and set some goals for themselves.  Of course, your feline pal will be supervising you throughout the year, and perhaps even helping a bit. As it turns out, Fluffy even has a few things on her own kitty agenda for the … Read More »

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Fluffy’s Sleep Habits

December 01, 2022
Ginger cat sleeping comfortably

Did you know that cats sleep, on average, between 12 and 16 hours a day? Why is Fluffy so exhausted? Is being cute and silently judging you really that taxing? A local Roanoke, VA vet offers some information on kitty sleep schedules below. Stages Fluffy’s age will definitely affect her sleeping patterns. Kittens and senior cats are the drowsiest of our feline friends, and can sleep as much as 20 hours a day. With kittens, … Read More »

Caring For A Grouchy Cat

October 15, 2022
Brown tabby cat looking grouchy

It’s Grouch Day! This occasion was made to honor the iconic Oscar the Grouch, but it turns out that many kitties also fit the bill. We certainly have had our fair share of grumpy cats! A Roanoke, VA vet discusses caring for a cranky furball below. Get Fluffy Checked If you aren’t sure why your kitty is a little ball of rage, take her to the vet for an exam. You want to rule out … Read More »

Kitty DNA

September 15, 2022
Gray cat licking on a bowl food bowl

There’s a new kitty holiday! Cat DNA day is September 19th. In the last few decades, scientists have made remarkable progress in cracking the mysteries of genetics and DNA, in both human beings and animals. That of course includes our feline overlords! A Roanoke, VA vet discusses Fluffy’s DNA below. Fluffy’s Family Tree One of the most extensive studies done on kitty DNA was a 2007 project headed by a zoologist from the National museums … Read More »

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