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Fun Facts About Tuxies

February 01, 2023

Is your feline buddy sporting formal wear? We love tuxies! These elegant, fashion-forward kitties are super cute and lovable. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some fun facts about Fluffy below.

A Kitty By Any Other Name … 

Only America’s black-and-white kitties are known as tuxies. The rest of the world calls them bi-color cats or magpie cats. Fluffy was also referred to as a Jellicle in T.S. Elliot’s Old Possum’s Book Of Practical Cats, a collection of kitty-inspired poetry that’s a must for cat owners who enjoy poetry. Tuxedo cats are also sometimes called Van-pattern kitties by breeders.

Breed Apart

Speaking of breed, tuxies are not a specific breed. Actually, many breed standards allow for tuxie coloring. There are a few notable exceptions, such as the Russian Blue and Bombay cats, which are always gray and black, respectively.

Color Coordination

When you hear the word tuxie, you probably think of a black and white kitty. However, Fluffy may also be wearing blue-gray and white, orange and white, or even cream and white, which is the rarest option.

Famous Fans

Fluffy certainly has won many hearts. She’s also made fans of quite a few famous people, including William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, and Beethoven! 


All kitties are unique, and many of them are super affectionate and lovable. That said, tuxies tend to be quite friendly, outgoing, talkative, and playful. (Of course, we’re pretty sure that quite a few people would say that about their feline pals.)

Fur Length

Tuxies can sport long or short fur. Some of the short-haired breeds that may wear this outfit include the Manx and British Shorthair. Longhaired kitties that may have tuxie coloring include the Persian and Maine Coon. (Mixed breeds, of course, can sport either.)


We can’t really discuss tuxies without talking about the most famous of them all: Sylvester. The iconic kitty made his cartoon debut back in 1945. However, his predecessor, a kitty that appeared in Naughty But Mice, an early Disney cartoon, was dressed entirely in black. Other famous tuxies include Felix, a comic strip star, and Dr. Suess’ cat.

Spoiling Your Tuxie

Don’t let Fluffy’s special day go by unobserved! Spoil your furball with toys, treats, or perhaps a new bed. Catnip would also not be inappropriate.

Do you have questions about caring for your tuxie? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA animal clinic, today!

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