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Caring For A Grouchy Cat

October 15, 2022

It’s Grouch Day! This occasion was made to honor the iconic Oscar the Grouch, but it turns out that many kitties also fit the bill. We certainly have had our fair share of grumpy cats! A Roanoke, VA vet discusses caring for a cranky furball below.

Get Fluffy Checked

If you aren’t sure why your kitty is a little ball of rage, take her to the vet for an exam. You want to rule out medical issues, as there is always a chance that Fluffy is acting out due to pain or illness caused by a health issue.

Offer Safe Targets

It’s important for Fluffy to have things that she can safely take her aggression out on. Make sure that your kitty has plenty of toys to bite, scratch, and kick. It’s also a good idea to play with your feline buddy regularly. Use toys that you can control from a safe distance, such as laser pointers and remote-controlled mice. Your furry friend will (hopefully) be calmer after she’s burned off her zoomies.


Cats can act up for many different reasons. Take a close look at Fluffy’s living situation, and see if you can find any clues. Does your feline pal have nothing to do but stare at the walls all day? Boredom or loneliness may be the source of her frustration. Have you recently adopted another pet? Jealousy and/or a territorial dispute could be the issue. Kitties that were neglected or abused may simply be acting out of fear. A protective furball may actually be enraged that the neighbor’s cat has once again intruded onto her yard, but is taking her anger out on you.

Don’t Punish Fluffy

Never punish your furry buddy for lashing out. We know, it’s never fun getting bitten or scratched. However, cats don’t understand the concept of punishment. Fluffy won’t know why you’re upset, and could feel threatened. That will only make matters worse! When she acts up, just leave her alone and let her cool down.

Don’t Force Attention

Cats often lash out when they feel threatened. Never corner your feisty feline, and don’t pick her or pet her against her wishes. Always let Fluffy decide when she wants to cuddle.

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