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Helping Your Shelter Cat Settle In

June 01, 2023

June is a pretty important month for kitties: it’s Adopt A Shelter Cat Month! Getting Fluffy from a shelter isn’t just a purrfect way to adopt your new kitty, it’s also something you can do to promote good animal welfare. Getting adopted is a big deal for our feline pals, though, so you’ll want to make sure to get your new buddy started out on the right paw in her new life. A Troutville, VA … Read More »

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Anxiety In Cats

May 01, 2023

As much as we may like to joke about cats being aloof, that isn’t really the case. Fluffy is very emotional! Just like people, our furry friends can also suffer from anxiety. A Roanoke, VA vet offers some information about kitty anxiety below.   Causes  Pets can develop anxiety as a response to many different things. Past trauma is one option: this is common in kitties that were rescued from bad situations, and those who … Read More »

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Spring Allergies In Dogs

March 15, 2023

As you probably know, spring is one of the peak times for allergies. This is an issue for both people and pups! As many as 20 percent of our canine pals develop allergies at some point in their lives. A Roanoke, VA vet offers some insight on doggy allergies below.    Common Allergens  Fido can be allergic to any number of things. However, environmental allergens, such as dust and pollen, are quite widespread … especially … Read More »

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Things We Will Never Understand About Cats

March 01, 2023

Kitties are very curious little furballs. Fluffy has been at our feet – and on our laps – for thousands of years. We’ve gotten to know her pretty well in all that time. However, there are still a few things about our feline pals that we haven’t quite figured out yet … and maybe never well. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some of them in this article. Schedules Fluffy certainly is a creature of habit. … Read More »

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Protecting Your Pet From Holiday Stress

December 15, 2022

Did you know that pets can suffer from stress and anxiety, just as we can? That’s definitely something to keep in mind at this time of year. The holidays can be pretty hard on our four-legged friends! A local Roanoke, VA vet offers some advice on this below. Guests Many of our furry friends get very uneasy when strangers appear in their domains. Young children can be particularly upsetting to them. Some dogs and cats … Read More »

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Fluffy’s Sleep Habits

December 01, 2022
Ginger cat sleeping comfortably

Did you know that cats sleep, on average, between 12 and 16 hours a day? Why is Fluffy so exhausted? Is being cute and silently judging you really that taxing? A local Roanoke, VA vet offers some information on kitty sleep schedules below. Stages Fluffy’s age will definitely affect her sleeping patterns. Kittens and senior cats are the drowsiest of our feline friends, and can sleep as much as 20 hours a day. With kittens, … Read More »

Things Dogs Are Grateful For

November 15, 2022
Two husky dogs with party hats and a dog cake

Thanksgiving is almost here! While it’s great to enjoy some delicious holiday food with our loved ones, it’s also important to think about the things we’re grateful for. Dogs definitely make that list! But what about Fido? What do you think your canine buddy is most appreciative of? A Roanoke, VA makes a few ‘petucated’ guesses below. Treats No surprises here. Fido is super cute when he’s angling for a yummy snack! Treats are a … Read More »

Doggy Playdates

November 01, 2022
Terrier inside a brown woven basket in the garden with small flowers

Is your canine buddy an only pet? While many of our clients have two or more pooches, it’s also quite common for people to have just one. Fido can do just fine being an only pup, but he will enjoy and benefit from being able to spend time and interact with other dogs. A Roanoke, VA vet offers some advice on setting up doggy playdates below. Introductions You’ll want to set Fido’s first playdate for … Read More »

Caring For A Grouchy Cat

October 15, 2022
Brown tabby cat looking grouchy

It’s Grouch Day! This occasion was made to honor the iconic Oscar the Grouch, but it turns out that many kitties also fit the bill. We certainly have had our fair share of grumpy cats! A Roanoke, VA vet discusses caring for a cranky furball below. Get Fluffy Checked If you aren’t sure why your kitty is a little ball of rage, take her to the vet for an exam. You want to rule out … Read More »

Fun Ways To Celebrate Poodle Day

October 01, 2022
Spoodle running with tongue sticking out

Today, October 1st, is Poodle Day! Is your canine companion a Poodle, or perhaps one of the many different Poodle mixes, also called Doodle Dogs? A Dawsonville, GA vet lists some cute ways to celebrate with your four-legged friend in this article. Poodle Books Every breed has their own unique history, traits, appearance, and personalities. It’s always a good idea to do some breed research. There are plenty of great non-fiction books about Poodles out … Read More »

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