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5 Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

April 15, 2023

April 30th is Adopt A Shelter Dog Day! Many of our patients are former shelter pups that are now happy and beloved family pets. If you are ready to bring a new canine companion into your life, going to a shelter is a great way to find your new pup. A Roanoke, VA vet lists some key benefits of adopting Fido from a shelter below. 


Find A Forever Friend 


Dogs can form very strong bonds with their human pals. However, it is important to find the right pooch. Shelters give you a chance to spend time with Fido, to see if he’s a good fit. Most shelters are diligent about testing dogs, to determine what type of household will best suit them. Those evaluations are especially important for anyone with children and/or small pets. 


Save Money 


Going to a shelter isn’t just a wonderful way to find Fido, it’s also wallet-friendly. You may also save on veterinary care. For instance, most shelter pets have already been fixed. For the ones who haven’t many shelters include that as part of their adoption insert. 


Pets Make Everything Better 


Having a furry companion can do wonders for our mental health, which translates into improved physical health. It’s amazing how much love and laughter Fido brings into our lives!


Rewarding Experience 


Many shelter dogs have been through some very rough times, and just want someone to love them, pet them, and offer belly rubs. Giving Fido a second chance can be a very rewarding and beautiful experience. It’s amazing watching a pup thrive with love and good care!


Pick The Perfect Pup


One of the best things about going through a shelter is the face that you get to choose your canine buddy from dozens—or even hundreds—of adorable furry faces. If you have a specific type of pet in mind, you’ll likely find Fido waiting for you in a shelter. Of course, there’s also a lot to be said for just having an open mind and following your heart. Don’t automatically skip past the scruffy-looking pooch in the end cage, or the sad senior with the sweet, soulful eyes. Sometimes the pets nobody wants turn out to be the most loving and loyal animal companions of all.


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