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Kitten Care Mistakes

July 01, 2022

July 10th is Kitten Day! There are few things that bring as many smiles and joy into our lives as kittens. Fluffy is absolutely adorable as a baby. She’s also fragile, curious, and playful. That can be a dangerous mix! A Roanoke, VA vet lists some common kitten care mistakes below.

Not Petproofing

Little Fluffy didn’t get her reputation for mischief out of nowhere. As a rule of thumb, cats often beeline for things that aren’t safe for them to play with. You basically have a tiny, adorable bundle of chaos on your hands! Petproofing is a must during that adorable toddler phase. Some of the things you’d want to address include toxic plants, chemicals, medications, plastic bags and ties, and anything small or sharp. (You’ll also need to set down some ground rules about things like biting and scratching.)

Letting Fluffy Out

The Great Outdoors might be lots of fun for little Fluffy to explore, but it’s also very dangerous. As soon as your furball sets her little paws outside, she’s exposed to dangers such as cars, weather, and wild animals. Kittens are even more vulnerable than adult felines, because they are so small and fragile. Keep your tiny pet indoors!

Not Bonding

Cats think of their owners as secondary parents, and get extremely close to us. However, that love has to be nurtured. Now is the time to really bond with your kitty. Spend lots of time with little Fluffy, and make her feel loved and safe. It’s also important to pet her, play with her, and let her snooze on your lap if she likes.

Using Adult Litter

Once your furry pal is all grown up, you can use any litter you and/or she like best. For now, avoid clay and clumping litters. Baby cats tend to be a bit clumsy, and can ingest these by accident. That’s very dangerous, as it can lead to potentially-fatal intestinal blockages.

Delaying Veterinary Care

In order for little Fluffy to get started out on the right paw in life, you’ll need to introduce her to your vet and get her started out on veterinary care. Exams, vaccines, parasite control, microchipping, and spay/neuter surgery are all on the agenda! (We throw cuddles and purr checks in for free.)

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