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Check The Chip Day

Today, August 15th, is Check The Chip Day! This is a pretty important topic. If your pet hasn’t been microchipped yet, we strongly urge that you get this done ASAP. A Roanoke, VA vet discusses microchips—and how to check them—below.


Microchips are very tiny devices that use radio waves to transmit information. Chips do not contain your contact information: instead, each chip has a unique ID number, which can be read with special scanners. Getting your pet microchipped will only take a moment, but it could save your furry friend’s life one day!


Microchips do not need any maintenance, and they don’t get upgrades, the way computers do. However, we do recommend having your veterinarian check your pet’s chip during their regular appointments. Occasionally, a chip will move out of place. This is something to monitor, as if your four-legged pal is ever lost and turned in to a clinic or shelter, the chip may not show up on a scan if it’s in the wrong place. While this is rare, there is also a chance that a chip would malfunction.

Records Updates

In addition to making sure that the chip hasn’t moved or malfunctioned, it’s also important for you to keep your records up to date. When you get your pet chipped, you’ll need to fill out your records in the chipmaker’s database. This simple step is crucial! If your furry pal gets lost, and is found and scanned, that microchip will be useless if your records are missing or outdated. You can try using the AAHA Universal Pet Microchip Lookup tool here to check your records. This site works with most of the major chipmakers. Be sure to update your account if you ever move or change contact information.


Chips are great, but they don’t negate the need for collar ID tags. Tags are not only required by law in many places, they are also just the simplest, easiest way for someone to be able to contact you if your furry best buddy shows up in their yard. If you’re concerned about your pet potentially getting stuck on something, get a breakaway collar. These detach under pressure. (Of course, that’s also why a chip is necessary, too.)

Do you want to learn more about microchips? Do you want to get your pet chipped? Contact us, your Roanoke, VA animal clinic, anytime!