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Playing With Your Kitten

December 01, 2020

Has a kitten just joined your household? Congratulations! You’ve basically adopted an adorable, tiny, fluffy predator. Little Fluffy will spend the majority of the next year trying to perfect her pouncing, biting, and scratching techniques. A local pet clinic Roanoke, VA offers tips on playing with kittens below.

Encourage Good Petiquette

Kittens may be small, but these miniature furballs have very sharp claws and teeth. Little Fluffy is going to be very focused on learning how to operate those nails and choppers. She may try to practice on you. This may be cute, but it’s best to discourage this behavior. Otherwise, you may find that your feline buddy still treats you as a cat toy when she’s an adult. That definitely won’t be cute! Tell your furry friend ‘Don’t bite’ or ‘Put your claws away’ in a firm, disapproving tone. You can also blow in her face. Then, just ignore her for a while. Most cats get the hint fairly quickly. 

Make It Routine

Cats tend to thrive when they’re on a set routine. If you pay attention, you’ll see that your tiny feline soon settles into her own kitty schedule for naps, meals, more naps, more meals, and playtime. Try to play with your feisty furball at the same time every night. (Tip: if little Fluffy gets the zoomies at night, schedule kitty playtime for just before bed. If you tire her out, she’ll just go to sleep.) 

Make It Challenging

Playing allows cats to both hones and satisfies their innate hunting instincts. Playtime will be much more fun for little Fluffy if you control the toy. Your frisky pet will have to focus to track where her ‘prey’ will go next. This offers your kitty beneficial mental stimulation. It’s also a great confidence booster! 

Be Safe

Kittens don’t know what is and aren’t safe to play with. In fact, they tend to gravitate towards the things that aren’t. Keep a close eye on your adorable bundle of mischief. Don’t let her play with anything that could be dangerous, such as small or sharp objects, plastic wraps, and anything with dangling threads. 

Have Fun

Little Fluffy’s adorable toddler stage will pass very quickly! Enjoy this time with your furry pal. Take plenty of pictures and videos. 

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